Casella di Posta

with also vocal and instrumental solists

  • breve pagina
    for chamber orchestra (1977) - strings

  • ouverture
    from lyric opera adelchi (1977) - Tp strings

  • lieder
    for soli, chor and orchestra (1978)
    text by giacomo leopardi - Tp strings

  • albireo
    for orchestra (1986) - strings

  • visione
    for orchestra (1988) - Tp/vibr/Tt/Bgs/Xil/Ps/Tbl/Glock/Trg/Tot strings

  • due liriche
    for soprano and orchestra (1989)
    texts by federico garcia lorca - Tp/Glock/Xil/vibr strings

  • omaggio a silone
    for narrator and orchestra (1989)
    text by ignazio silone - Tt/vibr/Trg/Tot/Tbl/Glock strings

  • il satiro
    for solists, choir and orchestra (1991)
    text by ennio flaiano - Tp/Glock/Tamb/Tbl/vibr/Gc/Trg/Ps strings

  • l'aria della verità
    for narrator, baritone, choir and orchestra (1991)
    text by author - Tp/TTrg/glock/Tt/xilom/Tot/vibr/Tbl strings

  • ubu mucumbu
    for baritone and orchestra (1992)
    text by umberto eco - Tp/vibr/xilom/glock strings

  • il sogno di hyades
    for symphony orchestra (1993-2000) - Tp/Trg/glock cel, arp. strings

  • intermezzo
    version for string orchestra (1995)
    from lyric opera "marlene"

  • querela pacis
    for soprano and orchestra (1996) - Tp/glock/camp/Gc/Tt strings

  • la stazione di pescara
    for symphony orchestra (1997) - Tp/glock strings
    (quaternary music)
    chiola music press, bruxelles

  • canti abruzzesi
    for soprano, choir of treble voices and wind orchestra (1999)
    popular texts and Giovanni Cirillo - Tp/Gc/glock
    (quaternary music)

  • canti europei
    for choir of treble voices and wind orchestra (1999) - Tp/glock
    (quaternary music)

  • vento cosentino
    for soprano and string orchestra (2000)
    text by francesco saverio perri
    (quaternary music)

  • cartolina "omaggio a mozart"
    for large symphony orchestra (2006) - - Tp/pt/Trg/T.t/glock arp cel pf strings
    (quaternary music)

  • canti lucani
    for soprano and wind orchestra (2008) - - Tp/Glock/Xil/Trg/2 Ps/Tamb/Gc/T.t
    (quaternary music)
  • concerto
    for accordeon and orchestra (2008) - - Tp/glock/2 Ps/Tamb/T.t - strings
    (quaternary music)

  • courage
    for soprano and piano (2009)
    minus song n. 13
    lyric by davide remigio
    version for soprano and orchestra - - Tp, glock /Tam.g - strings
    (quaternary music)
    casa musicale sonzogno, milan

  • lord piccinni
    for trumpet and orchestra (2014) - - Tp - strings
    (quaternary music)

  • signori badate a questo passo
    for chamber orchestra (2019) - - strings
    (quaternary music)


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